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Australia is known to have water that is slightly harder than average, which means it contains a higher mineral content than normal. In some areas, this difference is hardly noticeable, but in others, the consequences can be quite serious. Window cleaning services are important in any building. But, we’re so busy in our daily life that we tend to ignore certain things, and window cleaning is one of those things.

Window cleaning can be dangerous at times and even time consuming, not to mention the streaks and haze that may be left behind even after cleaning the glass.

Window Cleaning Canberra offers both for interior and exterior window cleaning service, however, if you wish to choose whether you want both or just the exterior the choice is yours. We will professionally thoroughly clean your windows, wash your screens, remove cobwebs and vacuum the window tracks so you will have a sparkling clear window.

We recommend that your windows are professionally cleaned twice a year. Autumn and spring are the perfect times to clean your windows. This ensures that your window screens and tracks are kept free of surface dirt, oils and other contaminates, that will degrade the appearance of your home.

Our expert domestic window cleaners are fully trained, bonded, and insured. They hold all the necessary health and safety certifications they may need, ensuring the job is done right the first time.

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