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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Dirty tiles and grout are a nightmare for every proud homeowner. The tiles of the Kitchen, toilet, and bathroom can overtime become so dirty and prematurely stained. Your home and office tiles and grout appearance is a direct impression on you or your office.

Realistically speaking you can’t prevent spills and air pollutants, from happening. Children, pets, teenagers, and adults all contribute to spoiling your tiles and grout. So it is important to make sure that your tiles and grout look the best all the time. Dirty, stained, and smelly tiles contain a lot of pollutants and bacteria.

Tile and Grout Cleaning Canberra offers a variety of cleaning services from concrete floors to kitchen tiles. To remove these stains would require back-breaking effort on your part, but with our equipment and professional expertise, we can take care of it for you. We work efficiently and effectively to reveal a cleaner, more attractive surface.

We use revolutionary know-how to restore your tile & grout to new again. Cleaning, Sealing, Colour Enhancing and Repairs. We have a cleaning procedure for tiled floors that gives the homeowner and building owners the insurance that their floors will be cleaned professionally.

Our floor cleaning procedure is amazing. We use a pressure washing system designed specifically for tile & grout and natural stone. Our system uses specialized cleaning solutions and hot water pressure to soften and extract years of soil and contaminants.

The floor tool connects to a powerful vacuum hose, which sucks the cleaning disk to the floor, and confines the water spray inside the 40cm disk at 1500 psi. There is virtually no splash over to worry about. The vacuum hose draws away the water back to our truck and along with the dirt and contaminates.

We bring to you our fully self contained mobile plant with over $50,000 worth in equipment and a certified fully trained technician to give you the best results possible we promise you will see the difference we supply our own power saving you money.

Cleaning is as follows:

  • Identify the type of tile or stone.
  • Test for any sealers/coatings that may have been applied to grout or tile.
  • Test to see if your grout is sanded, un-sanded, or epoxy.
  • Carefully move your furniture where possible, some furnishings may not be moved.
  • Apply a specialized cleaning solution let it sit for 10-15 minutes then we agitate.
  • Rinsing using the Turbo high-pressure hot water self-contained cleaning and extraction tool back to our truck mount machine outside No splash, No mess, No standing in water.
  • We then dry your floors with air movers and towels so your floor is ready to use.
  • Once dry you have the option to seal the grout by either clear sealing or better still colour sealing using Grout.

FREE Hard Surface Pre-inspection

More than just a price quote! Our cleaning and sealing Technician will visit your home for a no-obligation inspection of all your tile and grout.

We`ll inspect for damage, staining, and repellence including your shower walls and floors and any other hard surface that may require cleaning or restoration.

Contact Dario today for your Tile & Grout Cleaning on 04174 76017

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