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External High Pressure Cleaning

Dirty buildings, retaining walls, concrete and stenciled driveways, entertainment areas, pools, and pathways look unattractive if not properly maintained.

Water has the ability to clean grime and dirt in a smooth way. The addition of detergent at times, proves good to wipe out dirt but when it comes to clean stubborn grease and old mildew, high-pressure cleaning becomes indispensable. Well, it is better to rely on high-pressure cleaning because it requires less effort and saves time as well.

Throughout the year your home experiences serve weather changes, contributing to, dead foliage, from trees and plants making your home dirty.

Wet seasons and lack of adequate sunlight causing moss to grow in low traffic areas, dust, dirt from strong winds and grease, and oil from servicing and mechanical repairs to the car.

Pressure Cleaning Canberra offers a cost-effective service using commercial pressure washing equipment that powerfully removes stains, oil, mold, grime, dust, mud, dirt, and other foreign matter from surfaces and objects. We customize our high-pressure cleaning equipment for each specific situation to offer maximum protection to your surfaces, while all our operators have a vast amount of experience.

We can perform high-pressure cleaning on and for the following surfaces:

  • Paths and Pavers
  • Factory Floors and Workshops
  • Concrete
  • Tiles and Grout
  • Driveways and Patios
  • Buildings and Car Parks

Cold High Pressure, Hydro Water Blasting.

The high-pressure water jetting water cleaning (uses a pressure of 1000- 4000psi,). Suitable, to clean most surfaces, such as driveways, entertainment areas, `retaining walls, brick walls, pools, and pathways.

We recommend professional pressure cleaning performed on a regular basis to ensure that the outdoor areas are kept free of surface dirt, oils and other contaminates, that will degrade the appearance of your home.

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