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Covid-19 Home & Office Disinfection Service

To help curb the spread of COVID-19, at Dario, we offer our service of sanitizing your home as well as an office at the best. Cleaning is a crucial part of disinfection.

COVID-19 gets transmitted through respiratory droplets and contact with infected surfaces. The coronavirus can potentially live on those hard surfaces for days. Due to the possible multi-day survival of COVID-19, areas potentially contaminated should be cleaned with products known to kill the coronavirus before re-use.

Dario uses high grade disinfecting chemicals that are highly effective in sanitizing and disinfecting contaminated services.

For areas with no known or suspected exposures and only a light need for disinfection products. Dario’s normal deep cleaning with sterilization is perfect for ensuring whether the space is safe. This is deep cleaning with light sterilization with standard cleaning products. It removes all the dirt and debris with minute attention from high touch surfaces like doors, light switches, and flat surfaces which may host the virus.

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