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Commercial & Domestic Cleaning

Regular house cleaning is an essential service to maintain a clean and airy house. The benefits of a clean house are many. It is healthy and hygienic, free from dirt, flies, and all sorts of diseases. Although we stay busy all the time it is not recommended to reside in an untidy house.

Everyone wants to step inside a clean and tidy home. At Home Cleaning Canberra, we offer weekly cleaning services according to the need of our customers.

Services we Offer at Commercial & Domestic Cleaning

When you are working with the professionals of Home Cleaning Canberra, just be rest assured as your property is in safe hands. We do provide the following services for our clients;

  • Vacuuming hard floors in kitchen, bathroom, and living areas
  • Carpet and Mattress Cleaning
  • Rug Cleaning
  • Dusting and cleaning surface, and kitchen cabinets
  • Removing cobwebs as part of regular house cleaning


Other than Home Cleaning, we also provide Office Cleaning Canberra services. Our trained staff uses modern and state of the art equipment. Even you can find our customer reviews on Google and Facebook citing our professionalism.

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